Kelmarsh Hall - 14 December 2011

Kelmarsh Hall - 14 December 2011
Kelmarsh Hall

Friday 9 December 2011

Love Hearts

You’ll surely remember the sweets called Love-Hearts – they were around in my ‘yoof’, but like Spangles, they disappeared from the sweet counter sometime ago – never to be seen again, not even with a new name!

Ann and I managed to locate a supplier of packets of the former, and so we bought a truck-load intending to use them at Ann’s Hen Afternoon. We forgot, so time for a ‘Plan B’ as they’re taking up valuable space at home.

We thought it would be a good idea to use the packets as paper-weights for the lottery tickets that are being placed on each guest’s place-setting.

I’m not sure we allocated anyone to do this, so maybe you could sort that out amongst yourselves?

I’ll arrange for John, our guy who’s transporting all the bits and pieces to Kelmarsh on the Monday before to add these to his list.

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