Kelmarsh Hall - 14 December 2011

Kelmarsh Hall - 14 December 2011
Kelmarsh Hall

Friday 22 October 2010

Visit to the second Caterer

We popped down to Cloverdale Catering in Finedon tonight. They were pretty impressive with 20+ years experience, and Glenda, the owner, was very switched-on.

We liked her a lot and have given her all the details of our ideas for the wedding breakfast. It’s now just a case of waiting for the quotation, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be significantly cheaper than the first Caterers we visited a few weeks’ back.

Friday 15 October 2010

Catering: First Quotation from ‘Lemon Zest’

After our visit to Lemon Zest on our way down to Bognor last Friday, their quotation arrived yesterday.

It’s very thorough and seems to have taken into account all that we asked for. The cost is either 5.7k and 7.3k – the cheaper option is if WE supply the drinks.

We’re obviously not going to make a decision until we’ve seen the other two caterers, but it just feels a tad on the expensive side.

Monday 11 October 2010

Fun Quiz

We’re going to put together a light-hearted quiz (about us), as part of the ‘info-pack’ that each guest gets. We’ll ask those attending to fill it in and hand it back to the Best Man (cheers Ralph!) – and we’ll score them whilst we’re away - and then send the winners a prize.

Friday 8 October 2010

Visit to Caterers

We’ve narrowed down the Caterers to two, possibly three, and today we’re visiting the first one – Lemon  Zest in Brackley.

Thursday 7 October 2010 – update

OK, I couldn’t wait! Ann’s email is now setup using her new name (not that anyone knows it yet!), and her shiny new web-site, should be showing (just) a blank pink page, so we don’t give anything away.

Once we’ve announced the wedding date to everyone (via a note in their Christmas cards), I’ll add a cool countdown timer to Ann’s home-page, and change this blog from PRIVATE to PUBLIC (so anyone can view it without needing to sign-in).