Kelmarsh Hall - 14 December 2011

Kelmarsh Hall - 14 December 2011
Kelmarsh Hall

Thursday 4 August 2011

Artwork commissioned

I popped over to Kelmarsh Hall today.
maureen - full sketch from web

First job was to  meet Maureen to finalise the details for her ink sketch of the front elevation of Kelmarsh Hall (similar to the one above). She’s very talented and you can see her work HERE. We’ll also need to add a title to it and Maureen has put us in touch with a local calligrapher, Joy Daniels, who will also frame it for us. We’re going have the sketch mounted on art-board and ask all our wedding guests to sign a blank area surrounding the sketch* ON THE NIGHT.
After my meeting with Maureen, I touched base with Jill, the Wedding Co-ordinator, and we discussed seating-plans, PA systems, room layouts and music systems.

NOTE TO USHERS – Guys, the process of asking everyone to sign it, is going to need some thought, if only to avoid creating a large, unmanageable queue of 60 couples! I’ll contact you all a little nearer the time to talk specifics, but in the meantime, maybe you’ll give it some consideration.

*Actually, we’re going to use a COPY of the sketch on the night, just in case it gets covered in champagne – or something worse!

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